It was another busy day in the office until one of our assistant account coordinator at Wilshire Austin, Andhrea Gapunay, presented us with a beautiful thought about dating and relationships. With the endless world of commercializing holidays and the constant images we're exposed to of lust and sex, we tend to sometimes forget why we get into relationships in the first place. 

So without further adieu, check out Andhrea's thoughts:

When you come to the end of a relationship, do you ever look back to the beginning? You remember the thrill of the chase. The excitement. The nerves. Nowadays, everything happens so fast. We start to lose touch of the raw emotions behind love and we confuse it with lust and sex. If you ever start to question your relationship with your partner, find a way to reinvent the beginning. Be creative, be silly and most of all, don’t be embarrassed to express love in the cheesiest way. You can watch THE DANCE,” a short silent film written, produced and directed by PARDIS PARKER. It’s a story about a hopeless romantic and his eager attempts at wooing his office crush. You’ll smile and be inspired by his charm. It’s a simple love in the purest form.

Unless your partner is a dick, then all the more reason to watch and realize the type of lover people should be and deserve to be with.